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Patrick Barber's Triumph Spitfire Homepage
74 Spitfire 1500

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Welcome to my Triumph Spitifre Website.  This site is dedicated to the two project Spitifres which I currently own.  My aim for this site is to provide the reader with information and "Lessons Learned" which may be useful to the reader  interested in rebuilding a classic automobile.


Just a little information on my philosophy of rebuilding old cars. I am all for the concept of resotring a LBC or other classic car to its original, factory delivered condition, as long as somebody who has the patience, skill, and capital to do so. I have only a limited amount of each and will do my best to restore the car back to the condition which I think is important.  I also beleive that these cars need to be driven, as often as possible and not treated like fine china.

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There seems to be a club for just about everyting, including Spitfires. I first became a member of the Vintage Triumph Register and then a member of the Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club.  Club membership provides you with contacts who have experience in areas that you don't.  The also sponsor local events which allow you to display you prides work to the world or compete with other Triumph owners in events which challenge both the body and mind.

70 Spitifre MkIII

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Detroit Triumphs Sports Car Club 

Vintage Triumph Register

Team.Net Spitfire Mail List

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